Our Culture


You are an Important Member of Our Team

Magna's unique Fair Enterprise culture, based on fairness and concern for people, recognizes that your engagement and commitment is fundamental to our business success. 

The Magna Employee's CharterOperational Principles and our Code of Conduct and Ethics are the building blocks for a work environment that encourages innovation, involvement, and teamwork. We all work as partners in the business to achieve world-class manufacturing and deliver the highest quality products and the latest innovations to our customers.

Magna People Stories

May 31, 2023
Epic Road Trip, Powered by Magna Collaboration   
May 24, 2023
Caring for Crash Test Dummies 
May 16, 2023
Go Move: Pollinating Ideas to Protect the Planet

Magna Open Door Process

Magna's Open Door process helps you resolve your concerns and communicate your ideas and suggestions for improvement and innovation at your facility.  You are encouraged to speak with anyone who can assist you, in any order and without fear of retaliation.