The Power of Magna

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Magna’s system-defined approach across the complete vehicle meets today’s automotive megatrends.

Charting the roadmap to better mobility is helping us grow in megatrend areas and carve out new opportunities to contribute to a safer and more sustainable world.

At Magna, we understand that the future of mobility is shaped by megatrends such as electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity. To stay ahead of the curve, we have developed a range of cutting-edge technologies that are designed to deliver the needs of mobility.

Our complete vehicle competence, deep product expertise, and integrated systems-level analysis and approach enable us to deliver mobility solutions that prioritize efficiency and performance. Through our global network and collaborative teamwork, we create products that meet new CO2 regulations and address the needs of tomorrow.

Ready to push the boundaries of innovation?

Eco Innovation

Impact on the environment is redefining the way we think about mobility.

We are creating exceptional driving experiences that are kinder to the planet.

Driver Assistance

Our innovations are making the roads safer for everyone. Our full-system solutions, scalable domain controller and complete suite of ADAS products, make vehicles smarter while providing greater driving comfort.

Distinction & Experience

Whatever you can imagine, we can create. Our innovative technologies and design expertise help partners service their customers, build their brand, and elevate the consumer experience.

Our products redefine the very concept of design and end consumer experience.

New Mobility

The world of mobility is changing.

Our deep product knowledge and complete vehicle expertise enables us to find the best, most comprehensive solutions to tomorrow’s mobility challenges.

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Magna Technology Investments

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