BEV Powertrain Solution

Sets New Benchmarks for Range and Dynamics.

The Magna EtelligentReach is a fully electric drive solution for compact to large-size vehicles with two electric drive systems for maximum driving performance and energy efficiency.

Magna’s intelligent operating strategy controls the two eDrives: our eDS Mid+ with next-gen eDrive technologies and decoupling on the front, and another eDS Mid+ with torque vectoring on the rear. This powertrain solution sets a new standard in range, driving dynamics and safety.

The next-gen innovations include Decoupling+, inverters with silicon carbide technology, and a boost function for a short-time increase of drive power (e.g. overtaking maneuvers). Magna’s Decoupling+ function on the front drive is unique in its competitive field and helps increase range without compromising driving dynamics and safety.

Electrified Powertrain Technologies

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  • drive controller
  • integrated brake

Intelligent BEV Powertrain Solution with Maximum Range Efficiency and Drivability

EtelligentReach is a BEV powertrain solution with highly integrated Magna eDrive systems on the front and rear axles, as well as an intelligent operating strategy that allows for outstanding drivability in any situation with the most efficient energy use and an extended range. 

Competitive advantage/differentiators

  • All-wheel-drive system with Magna next-gen eDrive technology and intelligent operating strategy optimizes efficiency and driving dynamics
  • Decoupling+ strategy further extends the electric range


  • New inverters with silicon carbide improve efficiency and comfort
Ghost image of EtelligentReach demo car
EtelligentReach demo car driving down country road

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